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Tools for Successful Negotiations

Negotiations nowadays require serious preparations. Every person that wants to become successful in this activity needs to go through thorough preparations in order to make the best out of them.

But why do we need negotiation skills?

Well, because it is the most efficient way to achieve our goals in life. It is simple, really – if you cannot negotiate a deal, you will not be able to advance in any way.

Luckily for you, there are some tools and courses which you can consider using when planning how to negotiate. Let’s take a look at the best tools for successful business negotiations.

The Course On Coursera
Let’s start off with a course in negotiations called Successful Negotiations: Essential Strategies and Skills on Coursera. The course provides everything that you need to become a master negotiator – starting with negotiation strategy planning, going to the successful tactics, creating contract, and ending with you winning the negotiations.

The course consists of short explanatory videos where each video teaches you something useful about negotiations. After each video, you will be able to do a quiz that will test everything that you’ve learned in the video.

It is a very common thing to have the data gathered before actually doing the negotiations. One of the websites that can help you with that is SurveyMonkey. Although it looks like a quite simple tool, it actually offers a lot more – people who will actually do the survey.

You are the one who is completely in charge of survey creation and distribution and you will be able to see the final results. Furthermore, you are given the possibility to compare the results to other similar organizations and businesses. When you have the data ready, you are one step further to winning the negotiations.

Slides is a simple yet effective tool for presentation creation. Although it resembles the traditional Power Point presentation software, it is actually much more powerful due to the ease of use and the ease of access. You do not have to download the tool at all. Instead, you can make presentations right in the browser.

Another thing that makes this tool great is the drive on the website that stores all your presentations and makes them adapted for other devices. This means that once you make a presentation on a PC, it will be resized and adapted for your smartphone or tablet.

Pro Essay Writing
Pro essay writing is a website behind which is a group of professional writers who can help you in several ways with planning your negotiations.

First of all, you can ask for assistance when it comes to the introductory speech or any other kind of speech that you have to present during negotiations. Secondly, every negotiation requires a lot of creativity, thinking and putting everything down on paper, especially if you have to follow a certain format in order to present everything. Written word is simply the inevitable part of 21st century presentations and you can have professional support in this area.

Yet another way to present your data to during negotiations is with charts and other kinds of graphs. This is the time to use a tool known as iCharts. The thing with iCharts is that all the charts and pies and every sort of data visualization that you do is real-time. This means that whenever something is changed within the data itself, it changes on the chart as well. For example, if you have 10 more customers – the graph will instantly show that.

iCharts offer several pricing plans, the cheapest starting with $45 per month. The unlimited and enterprise plans do not have their prices stated – instead, you ought to contact them for more information. is a mind-mapping tool which you can access directly from your browser. Once you have a plan about your negotiations, it is a good idea to organize your thoughts neatly in order to present everything to the other people. This is the time when jumps in and offers an interactive approach to your thought organization.

What makes it unique is the fact that you can make images of your ideas and save them and also invite other people to collaborate on them.

To sum up, when negotiating, you need to gain extensive knowledge both on the subject that is being negotiated about and about this noble art itself.

However, the process of negotiation is the process of gathering and presenting data as well. Some of the tools shown in this article should serve you in your process of preparation and during the negotiations as well.

One thing is certain – once you have a successful business negotiation and you manage to get what you want from them, you will be on a good way to achieve all the goals in your life.

Jamie Jenkins
Jamie Jenkins
Gentleman Entrepreneur & Success Coach - "Nothing is sharper than a gentleman with a purpose in life. I'm here to help you build success, wealth and freedom in your life - the 3 key elements for "The Good Life". Jamie is the Author & Editor of the BE RICH Category.

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