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Drunk Shopping Much?


Before we start, let’s all take a minute to appreciate this drunk Amazon purchase.

Trending News: Americans Spend Over $30 Billion On Drunk Purchases

Long Story Short

Drunk shopping is a thing and Americans (mostly men) are really good at it.

Long Story

A night of drinking can lead to a lot of things — whether it’s an embarrassing drunk text or actual footage of you belting out Like A Prayer at karaoke like your life depends on it — we’ve all been there.

Obviously that’s not all that drinking can drive a person to. Alcohol mixes with a lot of things including shopping. It turns out Americans are expert drunk shoppers. That’s right, and if you feel like you fit the description, don’t worry, you’re not alone (here’s how to get online shopping right.)

Drunk shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry that nearly half of Americans have confessed to engaging in.

A survey by reveals that Americans spent an estimated $30.43 billion on boozy purchases in 2017 which is equivalent to about $447.57 per person. Let that sink in for a minute.

That number is over 2 times the amount of inebriated purchases made the year before which amounted to about $206 per person. Yep, boozy shopping is on the rise.

Under the influence, it appears men are the biggest spenders with 48% of men who drink regularly admitting to drunk shopping compared to 41% of women.

In a given week, men dish out on average $564 which is nearly double the amount spent by women, which averages $282.

What are we most likely to spend our hard-earned money on? Food, of course, comes in first place with 60% of folks making edible purchases. After food comes shoes and clothing at 25% and finally 24% have admitted to drunk gambling.

You may also be more inclined to drunk shop if you’re single, according to the report which found that 55% of unmarried drinkers guilty of spontaneous and perhaps not so well thought-out purchases compared to only 43% of married adults.

When it comes to generational drunk shopping, Generation Xers dish out the largest amount of money on average, totalling $738.87 per spree. That’s a considerable amount of money in one shot and more than triple the amount spent by millennials, which is only about $206.11.

While Gen Xers have a tendency to spend more, only 51% admitted to boozy-buying compared to 61% of millennials. Baby boomers come in last at 31%.

If you feel like your drunk shopping habit is becoming problematic, you might want to consider either locking up your credit card or even better, keep it simple, just go to bed.

Own The Conversation

Ask The Big Question

What’s been your most questionable drunk purchase?

Drop This Fact

American adults drink an average 7 alcoholic beverages per week.

If you thought that was per day, this article is not for you 😂.


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