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Rules For Losing Weight

It’s true that losing weight overnight is never going to happen, nor is it realistic to think that you will. But making small changes to your daily eating habits is a sure-fire way to ensure that when the time does come, that you’re shifting the pounds a lot easier. It can take a number of days to reduce bloating, lose water weight and both look and feel lighter – if you’re talking the right choices when it comes to what you’re putting on your plate.

The importance of protein at every meal

Making sure that you are getting the right amount of protein on your plate is the easiest way to prevent your muffin top from making an appearance. It also keeps you fuller for longer, which is great news for your 4pm sugar craving. Sure, a steak once in a while isn’t going to kill you, but for your everyday diet make sure you’re including lean meats such as chicken, turkey and eggs and steer clear of red meats for the most part.

Not all carbs are created equal

One of the most common quick-fixes that men and women all over the world tend to rely on is the cutting out of each and every carbohydrate out there. Of course it’s true that white, processed carbs eaten on the daily can be horrendous for our gut, but it’s all about careful selection: brown rice, sweet potatoes and oats are just a couple of naturally produced carbs that’ll do your body favours without piling on the pounds. If you’re serious about weight loss, it’s a good idea to cut these out completely for your evening meal and to stick to them for breakfast and lunch.

Getting ahead of the game with meal plans

It might be going against your natural instinct to head to the supermarket on a Sunday and do your weekly shop, or take a Tupperware to work instead of heading out to Pret. But if you’re serious about your weight loss journey, it’s going to pay to take preparation seriously. Forgetting to cook lunch for the week ahead is only going to make you fall at each and every hurdle; the office cake, the café next door or that open bag of sweets on the table are ultimately going to become too tempting and will set you back more than is worth it.

Hydration is the way forward

It’s true that guzzling water all day everyday doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s the easiest way to nurture your body both through hydration and through the realisation of whether you’re actually hungry or not. Regular glasses of water have been known to stave off hunger and stabilise your appetite. Drinking herbal teas and vegetable juices are also good ways to ensure you’re getting enough liquid in if you’re becoming bored of the h20.

Snacking isn’t always the worst idea

We’re conditioned to assume that reaching for a snack mid-morning or afternoon is the quickest way to help us put on weight. But snacking smarter is a great way to actually help have the opposite affect, staving off huge hunger pans and also providing you with essential nutrients throughout the day. Reach for apples, nuts, humous and carrots instead of your usual bag of crisps or Haribo.

Terry Brewer
Terry Brewer
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